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Here you will find the most important resources to start your journey to financial independence and sustainable living. These are the strategies we have used and have worked for us so far!

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We are Stuart and Grace. We’ve been working towards financial independence and a sustainable lifestyle for 3+ years now.  Learn how we got our start and where we plan to go.

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In this guide, we outline the concepts that have and will continue to be instrumental in our financial independence and sustainable living journey, and we hope they will serve you in the same way. It only begins to scratch the surface of these strategies, so consider it a starting point or a reference. 

minimalst lifestyle

When I first heard about Minimalism, I thought it was just about deprivation, getting rid of stuff, and living on a skateboard with everything I owned in a tiny backpack. What I came to find out is that it’s so much deeper than that.


intro to financial independence and sustainable living
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The Life-Changing Power of Financial Independence and Sustainable Living

Our society today revolves around one thing: consumerism. It’s what the modern world is built on. It’s what fuels our economy. We’re at a place in our history when we must begin to reverse the effects of decades of overconsumption to survive. We’re here to show you that we can collectively achieve this through financial independence and sustainable living.

sustainable investing
Sustainable Investing

Sustainable Investing to Get Rich and Save the Planet

The world won’t become more sustainable unless we can show it that it sustainability can be profitable. Sustainable Investing is one of the most powerful things you can do to influence change. The Financial Independence community gave us the tools and knowledge to grow our wealth on a regular salary, so let’s build on that and use our money to save the planet (and get rich, of course).




We live a modest life with a decent amount of things, but we use every single thing we own on a regular basis.

Conscious Consumerism

Money has power. How you spend yours can have powerful impacts.

Save More

If you can save as little as $100/year on shopping alone, that will become $9,234 in 30 years if invested in a low-cost index fund!

Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investing is becoming more mainstream, and there are more options than ever for us to make a positive impact on the sustainability of the world.

Sustainable Travel

With a few changes to your travel habits, you can have some big impacts on sustainability.


Check out our resources for all things financial independence and sustainable living.